What thoughts do we have when we shop? The Clothing item should be stylish, comfortable, trendy as well as versatile. That’s why we have brought a lot of trendy merchandise for Fandoms of all kinds. Anime, Series, Cartoons, Gaming, you name it we have it. So here are some of the ways we like to style our merchandise.

1 Denim

We all know the importance of good denim jeans. This is one of the most stylish ways you can wear our merch. Denim is a good way to casually sport the tee. That’s the reason this is our favorite way to style FR tee. (Bonus points for girls if you tuck it in.)

2. When in doubt, GO ALL BLACK.

 Our black hulk tee looks bomb on black jeans. Black on black is a trend we cannot get enough of. It gives the whole look a gothic as well as the chic vibe and we cannot stop obsessing over it.

3. Layer it up

If you want to look chic, but want to stay comfortable as well, wear a jacket over our tee and you’ll look like million bucks. Bomber jacket, denim jacket, and even blazers can make you look like you’re straight from the runway. 

There are many more ways to style up our tee. Just make sure you rock your fandom with confidence. On that note, we hope you found our tips hopeful and if you did, don’t forget us to follow on Instagram. Stay tuned.