Fandom: A state where we escape from this reality into a fiction which makes us believe that this world is a better place. Make us believe that we have some part of this unusual, extraordinary and coolest superhero character inside us. We within are them.  Few are Tony Stark, Few Thor, Captain America, Superman, Batman, Wonder Women, Black Widow, And also THE JOKER.

Fandom Realm consider this as a privilege to make fans live in this realm and keep their hearts connected to someone they call their savior.
Our designs are made stroke by stroke with all our heart and placed with hopes of happiness and closer.

You need not put yourself into your favorite superhero's costume to be one. Just a glimpse of them into your closest of accessories and can drive you into action.

A small tee, or a phonecase, or a badge that you can pinup anywhere, just get them onto things which are closer to you and you would never miss being a superhero from within.

We are the place where the Pop-culture meets Art